December 5, 2023
What is the Student Advisory Group (SAG)?
  • The IPHA Student Advisory Group serves as a connector and liaison between Indiana students with an interest in public health and IPHA staff & leadership. This group serves as a voice for student needs and guides IPHA’s efforts to provide students with meaningful engagement opportunities.
  • Student Members of the SAG participate in the following activities:
    • Assess and advocate for student needs;
    • Collaborate with IPHA staff & leadership; and
    • Implement projects to facilitate meaningful student engagement experiences & opportunities with IPHA.
  • For example, the SAG is currently working on projects such as a student workshop series, a student webpage, and a networking platform through LinkedIn.
How do I become a Student Member of the SAG?
  • SAG Student Member Eligibility Requirements:
    • Must be an IPHA member
    • Must be an undergraduate or graduate student at an Indiana college or university
    • Must be pursuing a health-related degree and/or have a specific interest in public health
    • Must be a student for duration of 1-year term of service
  • Student Member Duties:
    • Participate in monthly SAG meetings
    • Contribute ~5 hours per month to SAG activities and projects
    • Commit to 1-year term of service
  • Applications for the 2024-2025 cohort will open in early Spring 2024.
2023-2024 SAG Cohort :
  • Jenny Sheets, Student Member, Indiana University – Kokomo
  • Adaline Heitz, Student Member, IUPUI
  • Maria Klein, Student Member, Indiana University – Bloomington
  • Yash Jain, Student Member, Indiana University – Bloomington
  • Josephine Williams, Student Member, IUPUI
  • Melissa Fernandez, Student Member, IUPUI
  • Kora Beasley, Student Member, Manchester University
  • DeVilliers Steyn, Student Member, Purdue University
  • Ramandip Kaur, Student Member, IUPUI
  • Alexandra Hughes, Student Member, Purdue University
  • Seda Ngangu, Student Member, Indiana University – Bloomington
  • Dr. Eric Wetzel, University Liaison, Wabash College
  • Dr. Angelitta Spells, University Liaison, University of Indianapolis
  • Andrea Janota, University Liaison, IUPUI