Advocating for the Public’s Health

Public health professionals have a unique understanding of the communities they serve. That’s why your voice, and your vote, are important for shaping a healthier Indiana.

Policy decisions affecting chronic disease, environmental health, emergency response, and more, are in the hands of your elected officials–but they rely on hearing from their constituents.

Learn more about how public health professionals can Speak for Health and Vote for Health:

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Primary Elections are May 2
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Speak for Health

Public health is closely related to policy decisions at the local, state, or federal level. The decisions made at the Indiana statehouse affect how much funding governmental public health organizations receive, which health issues are considered priorities, how public health professionals can respond to crisis, or how social determinants of health are addressed (or not).

Public health professionals are in a unique position to shape these decisions. As constituents and as public health experts, you can connect with your legislators to voice the concerns unique to your profession and your community. Your voice can shape funding and legislative priorities when you Speak for Health.

Use the following tools and resources to learn about how you can advocate for public health. Want to learn more about public health advocacy in Indiana? Look out for more information, coming soon, about our next Policy & Advocacy Forum, happening early 2023.

Vote for Health

Vote with public health in mind: The Health & Democracy Index has found that states with more voting access and greater civic participation have better health outcomes. Exercising your right to vote, and encouraging your community members to do the same, is one way public health professionals can build our collective power and promote health in Indiana.

Learn more about how you plan ahead to Vote for Health below:

Speaking & Voting for Health influences policy development. Policy development includes four of the ten essential public health services listed by the CDC.

Image: The 10 Essential Public Health Services, from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention