Shifting Upstream: A call to action for a new way of working


Introductory series on the What, Why, Where, How, and Who of addressing complex systems change, as we strive to work better together to achieve healthy, equitable, thriving communities.

Now more than ever, leaders and organizations from every sector acknowledge and understand the influence of social determinants of health – economic stability; education; social and community context; public health and healthcare; and neighborhoods, housing, and the built environment – on the health and quality of life of people and places.

Complex community change requires that we shift both our thinking and our doing to realize stronger cross-sector collaboration, build the capacity of people and organizations, maximize and leverage investments, and enhance our collective effectiveness.

The Objectives of the Shifting Upstream Introductory Series:

  • Explain and weave together key definitions, concepts, and strategies related to complex systems change;
  • Feature diverse voices representing state and national experience and efforts;
  • Connect professionals seeking to expand their practice and network; and
  • Make the case for adding strategies that shift efforts upstream.


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